A Quick Check List for Interior Design Trends 2018

Take inspiration from the Interior Design Trends for 2018 before you get started on any home makeovers this year. With a new season almost upon us, make the most of your spring clean with a restyle and welcome in some of 2018’s key interior trends.Interior Design Trends 2018

Looking back to last year’s trends

To look forward, it’s always useful to have a look back and see which trends succeeded throughout 2017 to predict accurately for what’s to come in 2018. So, what were some of the best trends that transformed our homes over the past year?


‘Greenery’ was named the World’s Colour of the Year — giving us a reason to flood our home with this fabulously soothing colour last year. Married with pastel pink, metallics or even rich purples, the colour green did well in general, as we saw the use of this colour in fashion and commercial design — making it an instant hit with the general public. Greenery represents refreshment and revitalization, which most people strive to find more of!

Stripped Back

Bricked walls were a favourite in 2017, allowing us to return our homes to their original state whilst upholding the charm they once had. An architecturally interesting way to bring character into our homes, this trend was a brilliant way for homeowners to save both time and money when decorating, whilst giving them the flexibility to be versatile with their furniture.

Pop the Cork!

Evoking a 70s vibe, a unique craze entered our homes in 2017 in the way of cork-themed furniture. This environmentally friendly material was commonly used throughout the year to make items such as vases, glasses and even lampshades. However, they were often accompanied by a metallic surround that gave off a youthful, yet premium feel.

Mason Jars

Mason jars made their way out the pantry and into our every day during 2017 as the simple glass jars favoured by our Grandmothers trended all the year through. From wedding table decorations, chandeliers, drinking vessels, light fittings, vases, you name it , the Mason jar could do it!

These are some of the 2017 interior trends identified by Oldrids & Downtown, retailers of bedroom furniture, and here’s what they predict what will be popular for 2018:

What will be popular in 2018?

Marvellous Metallics

Copper products were a real hit last year throughout our homes and we saw this elegant material used everywhere. In 2018, gold and brass furniture will make its return and will become a household essential depicting luxury and elegance. The key to this trend working in your home is using it on a subtle level, for example, golden legs of a table accompanied with a white top to pair it back a little. This said, such a beautiful piece would become the talking point of all of the dinners you host.

Kitchen Trends 

We’ll also be mixing up our kitchens this year. Pristine white kitchens may no longer be in favour in 2018, as now we’ll be using a range of different colours and materials. Everyone seems to have a white kitchen, white tiles and white marble worktops but this year colour is back with a gigantic POP! How to work the colourful kitchen trend? Mixing finishes will give it a cool, New York-like aesthetic that everyone will love.

Jewel Hued Opulence

Rich colours will be used for our cushions and curtains too — adding an element of elegance to our rooms. This can really benefit the furniture you have and bring an opulent feel to your design. Don’t go too wild with different colours, but at the same time don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t used before, such as a mustard tone — stunning with muted greys and neutrals.

Dark but Divine

2018 will see even more dark paint colours introduced into our homes. Last year we loved the gunmetal greys creating a high end look with plenty of drama. If you opted for untreated walls last year, it’s time to leave them there and generate something new in your living space. Picture grey walls with your mustard curtains — it’s an interior designer’s dream. Withhold the elegance in your home by opting for a palette of aged colours that will make the most beautiful backdrop.

Natural Wood

On top of all of this, wooden furniture will be making its way back into our homes — hurrah! But natural wood will also have a 70s undertone. From units in the living room to dressing tables in the bedroom (accompanied by a long motel-like mirror), this trend allows plenty of storage space that will harmonise with the colour of your walls and threads beautifully.

Interior Design Trends 2018

How will you be dressing your home in 2018? 





























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